ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

Outside, Yura, Sasha, and Sergei were walking, creating a trail with some fake blood they found. It was part of Yura’s plan to make Lena come running back to him. “This is gonna cause a freak-out of epic proportions.” he said, walking. “No shit, it’ll be amazing.” said Sasha, accidently pouring the fake blood on his hands. Sergei stood there, staring at Andrei’s car. “Yura! I’ve got an even better idea.. you should really freak out Drunia too!” Yura looked over at him. “Sounds like a good idea…” He took the fake blood and started to make smeared bloody handprints all over Andrei’s car. Yura sat in front seat of the car, legs hanging out the door. “You two remember what to do, right?” “Yep! We do.” “Good.” he said, taking out a pocket knife. Sasha looked at him, freaked out. “Yura!! What are you doing?! This isn’t in the plan!!” “Sashka. How else am I gonna make this convincing? I have to give myself little cuts…” “Dude… just don’t get carried away.” “I won’t! I promise!” Sasha and Sergei ran inside, while Yura began to cover himself with the fake blood.

Meanwhile inside, things were awkward. Elena stared at Andrei, evilly, and Andrei just stared at the floor. Kuzia was watching them, amused, and played keyboard. Misha and Kostya were laying in the floor, playing chess, when Sasha and Sergei ran in, freaking out. “GUYS!!! GUYS!!! HELP!!” “Sasha! Calm down. What’s going on?!” Kuzia asked. Sasha began to do his best fake crying act, which probably should’ve won him an award or two. “It’s bad, Kuz… it’s really bad.” Andrei looked up at Sasha. “What is? What’s going on?” he asked. Elena continued to stare at her brother, angrily. “It’s Yura…” Sergei said, staring at the floor. “It’s awful… blood everywhere…”

Elena looked at Sasha, not wanting to believe what she just heard. Everyone was in a stunned silence. “This is all my fault…” Misha said, feeling guilty. “No, Mishanka. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have yelled at him…” All of a sudden, everyone noticed Sasha’s hands covered in ‘blood’. “I tried to wake him! It didn’t work!!” Andrei grabbed a flashlight, and ran outside, with everyone following. They saw the trail of ‘blood’ and stopped. Lena noticed Yura’s legs sticking out the open door, and she ran over, with everyone following. “Yurochka!!!” She crawled on top of him, and held him, crying. Yura wanted to burst out laughing, but wouldn’t let himself. To him, Lena was getting exactly what she deserved.

Kuzia pulled Lena off of Yura, and Andrei picked him up, holding him close. “Yura… what were you thinking?” Yura looked up at him. “Drunia… I love you.” “And I love you too.” He carried him inside. “Someone, get me a wet towel. I need to clean him up and figure out where the bleeding is coming from.” “We’ll go.” Sergei said, grabbing Sasha and running off to the laundry room. They couldn’t hold in their laughter any longer. “Yura is so fucking awesome!” Sergei said, grabbing some towels. “Hell yeah! I wanna be able to pull of something this insane one day!” They ran back into the room where everyone was, towels in hand. Andrei began to wipe Yura off. “I just don’t understand. These cuts don’t seem deep enough to cause this much blood…” “Well. Anything’s possible.” Kuzia said, pacing. Yura was doing his best near-death act, but began to feel really bad for it. Elena sat next to him, holding his hand. She was a crying mess. “Lenushka… you look so… shiny.” Kuzia stopped, and looked at Yura. “He’s delirious, Andrei. Bandage him up and put him in bed.” Sergei and Sasha looked at each other confused. If this was all just an act, then… how was Yurka delerious? Andrei carried Yura into his bedroom, and put him in bed. “You get some sleep, мой дождик.” he said, covering him up and walking out. Sergei and Sasha snuck in, and poked Yura.
“Dude, that was great!!” Sasha said, sitting on the end of the bed. “Yeah I know!! They think I’m fucked! They think I’m about to die! I hate to say it, but.. I kinda like this attention.” “Yeah, they’re babying you! It’s fucking sweet.” “Hell yeah! I just hate seeing everyone so sad.” “Yeah, that sucks. I’ve never seen Drunia act like this. He’s miserable. And Elena acts like the world is ending.” Sergei said, deciding to sit on Sasha. “That was my plan. To make Lena feel shitty for freaking out on me.” Just then, Andrei walked back in, coming to check on Yura. “SASHA! SERGEI! Get outta here! Yurka needs sleep.” Sergei grabbed Sasha and ran out, leaving Andrei and Yura alone. Yura began to feel insanely guilty, and it showed. “You’re okay, aren’t you?” Andrei asked, sitting next to him. “Druniachka…” “This was all an act?!” “Andrusha, let me explain..” “Don’t. How could you do something this sick?! I totally thought I was gonna lose you!” Yura looked at Drunia, wishing there was someway he could take back what he did. “I didn’t expect you to find me. This all was intended for Lena.” Little did Yura know, Elena was outside the door, listening to everything. “Druniachka… I wanted her to feel like shit for snapping at me. I know, I know… it’s childish. I deserve to have everyone hate me.” “You do not.” Andrei said, hugging him. “I’d better go before Kuzia finds out. I love you, мой дождик.” “I love you more!!” Andrei smiled at Yura and walked out of the room.

Just then, Elena stormed in, pissed. “YURI VASIL’EVICH SHATUNOV!! You have a lot of nerve pulling a stunt like that!” Yura looked away from her. “Do you know how worried I was when I saw you laying there like that?! I thought you were dead! I thought to myself “Great. Another person in my life I really cared about is gone.” “Lena.. I’m sorry. I just… it was stupid.” “Yeah, it was. And now I feel like… you’re not the same. You act like I don’t exist anymore. You don’t even want to spend time with me anymore… maybe we shouldn’t be together.” Yura looked at her, sad. His plan was to make her feel bad, not cause her to dump him! “Yura… I love you. But until you can decide if you want to be with me or my brother, there’s no us. I’m sorry.” She said, walking out.


Honestly, do you blame Yura for his plan? I don’t.


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