ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

Late that night, Kuzia and Andrei were hanging out together, watching TV. “I’d better go tell Yura, Dima and Sasha to come in.” Kuzia said, about to head outside. Andrei looked at him oddly. “Kuz… Dima and Sasha are sleeping.” “Then where’s Yura?!” Andrei began to panic a bit. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!?!?” Just then, Elena walked in, hearing the commotion. “What’s going on?” she asked, confused as to why her brother had started pacing back and forth, worried. “Nothing, Lenusia.” Andrei said, sad. Kuzia rolled his eyes. “Yura’s missing.” Lena’s eyes widened, and she began to freak out, hyperventilating. “WHAT?! Oh no.. this is bad!!” Kuzia looked at Lena. “Lenka! Sit down before you pass out!!” She sat down, and regained her composure. “We have to find him! What if he’s hurt somewhere?” “I don’t even wanna think of that…” Andrei said, pacing back and forth a little faster than before. Kuzia looked at the both of them. “Well, there’s nothing we can do about that tonight. It’s way too late.” Andrei was shocked. “WHAT?!?!” he yelled, not believing what Kuzia had just said. “We have to! Now! Kuzia.. don’t you care about Yurochka?” Lena asked, trying not to think of Yura being alone and out in the freezing Russian winter. “Of course I care about him! I just don’t have anyway to go find him.” “I’ll go. I have a car…” Andrei said, grabbing his keys. He was about to head out the door when Lena grabbed his arm. “Take me with you!” Andrei looked at his little sister sympathetically. “Lenka.. the Republic of Bashkortostan is no place for a young Russian girl. The native Bashkirs hate Russians… even Yura is in danger. He’s what the Bashkirs call a half-breed, being part-Bashkir and part-Russian. People have been killed for being a half-breed…” Hearing the last part, Elena began to cry. “Drunia.. just bring him back to me.” “I promise, Lenka. I’ll bring him back to you.” he said, hugging her and running out the door.

Andrei hopped in his car and drove the 150km from Orenburg to Tyulgan, the village where Yura’s aunt and cousins lived. He went to the house where Yura’s aunt, Valeria lived and knocked on the door. She answered the door, none too thrilled. “Let me guess. Sergei Borisovich sent you.” she said, looking Andrei up and down. “No. I came here looking for Yura of my own free will.” “Well, he’s not here.” Andrei sighed. “Do you know where he might be?” Valeria rolled her eyes. “What do I look like? A psychic?! I told that little half-breed to run away and never come back! Hopefully some Bashkirs got him.” She slammed the door in Andrei’s face.

Andrei went back to his car, annoyed. “SHIT!!! Where else would Yura go… SAVEL’EVKA! Where his mother is buried…” He took of, heading towards the little village of Savel’evka. He arrived and found the graveyard where Yura’s mama was buried. He walked into it, and saw Yura, laying next to his mother’s headstone, asleep, freezing cold and wet from the snow. However, to Andrei, he looked dead. “No.. please.. tell me he’s only sleeping.” he said to himself, running over to Yura. He began to shake him. “Wake up!! … come on, Yurochka!! This isn’t funny!!” It wasn’t working. Andrei held him in his arms, and began to cry. “Yura.. please… wake up.” “…not now Mama…” Yura said sleepily. Andrei shook him again, gently, causing him to wake up. “Drunia!! You’re.. you’re crying. What’s wrong?” Yura asked, kissing him. “Nothing, мой дождик. I’m fine! Are you okay?” “Yeah. I’m fine. Cold, that’s all.” Andrei snuggled Yura close. “Why’d you run off?” “I needed to. It’s just I really love you and Elena. I don’t know what to do.” “I’m sorry, Yurochka. I pretty much forced you into this…” “What?! No you didn’t! And, anyways… what Lena doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” Yura said, kissing him.

They got in the car, and Andrei pulled out his cell phone. “I’d better call Kuzia…” he said, dialing the number. Meanwhile, at home, Kuzia and Elena were sitting on the couch, anxious. “I should’ve just accepted his proposal… none of this would’ve happened.” Lena said, crying. Kuzia’s phone rang, and he quickly answered it. “Drunia! Tell me you have good news!” “Yep. I found him.” Yura snatched the phone from Andrei. “Hey Kuzia!” he said, propping his feet up on the dashboard of the car. “Yuri Vasilevich!! You better have a damn good reason for running off!” Kuzia said, yelling at him more out of worry and annoyance than anger. “Yeah. I do. I wanted to be with my mama. Is that so bad?” Yura hung up the phone and handed it back to Andrei. Andrei felt bad. “…I’m sorry, Yurochka. If I would’ve known, I would’ve left you there a bit longer.” “It’s okay, Drunia…” he said, taking Andrei’s hand. They looked into each others eyes. “Yura. I love you.” Yura smiled. “I love you too! Take me home?” “Okay.” Andrei said, driving off.
Okay, the thing about Bashkirs hating Russians and people who are half-Bashkir/half-Russian isn’t true as far as I know. I only used it for dramatic effect in the story. I mean no offense to the Bashkir people 🙂


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