ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

The next morning, Elena went to Yura’s room to wake him. “Yurochka!! Darling it’s time to wake up!” she said in the most cheery voice, walking into the room. Andrei somehow managed to crawl out of the bed and hide without her ever noticing. Yura woke up, and looked at Lena. “Morning, snugglebunny.” he said, stretching. She kissed him, but all he could think of was the kiss he and Andrei shared. Elena noticed Yura wasn’t quite himself. “Yura… what’s wrong, мой ласковый мальчик?” He looked at her, not wanting to upset her. “Oh.. nothing.” “Are you sure?” she asked, sitting on the edge of his bed. “Yeah. Just not enough sleep last night.” Elena kissed him. “I’ll go. You just get some more sleep!” She skipped out happily.

Just then, Andrei came out of hiding. “Shit! That was close!” he said, putting his clothes on. “Yeah it was.” “I’d better go hang out with the rest of the band before Kuzia gets suspicious. I love you, мой дождик.” “I love you more, Drunia.” Yura said, with an adorable smile on his face. Andrei walked out, and Yura started to feel guilty. “What am I doing?! I can’t be with him… I’m dating his sister! And how would this look for Laskovyj Maj’s image?! Maybe I really do need sleep…” he said to himself, closing his eyes and trying to get some sleep.

Later on, after waking up and taking a shower, Yura decided to go hang out with the band, and Lena. The boys were being typical boys and watching war movies on tv, which Lena did not like at all. “Oi this is scary! Yura, hold me!!!” she said, clinging to his arm. Yura didn’t say anything, he just stared at the TV. She looked at him oddly. “Yura…? Say something. You’ve been so distant today! This really isn’t like you.” He looked at her, into her eyes. He knew she was probably one of the only people who really cared about him. “Lenushka… I have to tell you something.” Andrei looked at Yura, giving him a look that said “don’t-tell-her!!”. Lena didn’t see it however. “What is it?” “I… … uhh… …… MARRY ME!” Everyone was in shock. “Yura! You two are too young for that!” Kuzia said, confused as to why all of a sudden Yura wanted to get married. “Chill out, Kuz. I know what I’m doing.” Lena looked at him. Part of her wanted to accept his proposal so bad, but she knew what she had to do. “Kuzia’s right. We’re just too young right now! I mean, Yura.. we’re only 14!” He was feeling a bit hurt, so he ran out of the room, with Lena chasing him. She gently grabbed his arm. “Yurochka.. this doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” “I know.” he said, going back into his room and shutting the door. Lena was sad. She had pretty much just hurt the boy of her dreams. She went back to the boys, feeling crappy.

Meanwhile, in his room, Yura was writing a note.
“Lenochka. I love you. ^_^”
He folded the note, snuck into Elena’s room and put it under her pillow. He then returned to his room, and wrote another note.
“Drunia… You’re so sweet and so sexy! How come I never noticed until now? ♥ XOXO”
He stuck that note under Andrei’s pillow. “Well.. I have to do this. They’re gonna be so much better off.” he said, putting on his jacket, and crawling out the window. Yura ran off into the night, never looking back.
OH MY! Cliffhanger!!


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