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{September 11, 2009}  

Okay! I am SOOO sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve started college so I’ve been very busy. But I do have an update type thing… I have a list of four things, and I’ll answer them if you want me to. It’s about my original characters.

1) how I thought of their name
2) what made me create the character in the first place
3) how the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4) any random fun fact about that character


{June 10, 2009}   Another Meme

I got this off of DeviantART. 🙂


1. What’s your name? Tell me a bit about yourself.
I’m Inna. I love music (Russian/Ukrainian pop) and writing. I’m 19 and I have a girlfriend who I love more than life.♥

2. When did you first find that you had a knack for writing?
6th grade, lol.

3. Do you prefer poetry or prose? Why? Do you like both?
Both is good.

4. What is it you enjoy most about writing?
Being able to get your feelings out.

5. Do you enjoy roleplaying? If you do, do you use your favorite characters for it or make up new ones?
I love roleplaying. Seeing how those I write about are real people, I don’t make up new characters. We do RPRP (Real Person RolePlay).

6. When writing, do you think about the techniques you use and how they affect the reader, or simply write away?
I do! I want to be able to make people laugh, cry, be afraid 🙂

7. Do you feel bad when you write your characters in danger?
Oh I do, kinda. But it does give an element of suspense to stories.

8. Do you have any particular influences?
My life. Some of my writings, I take things from my own life and use them.

9. Have you ever joined in a collaboration with friends? If not/so, why?
No. 😦 I should’ve before everyone over at the Verka Serduchka fanclub stopped writing…

10. Do you show friends your work even if it is not complete? Or do you prefer for it to be finished before showing off?
I only show unfinished things to select people, unless it’s an ongoing story.
1. Who was the first character you came up with? Describe them.
Ooh! Finally I get to let my OC’s shine! The first one I came up with was Veronika Serduk. Describe her… umm.. wow. Let’s see. She’s a tall, curvaceous blonde, with amazing legs, and a pin-up girl body to die for, like her sister (Verka Serduchka). Veronika is blind, but doesn’t let it bother her too much.

2. Do you feel you know your character inside/out?
Yes. 🙂

3. What makes your character angry?
Ignorant people.

4. Do you think about why they are as they are or are they so just because you want them to be?
Hmm. I don’t know.

5. What do you like most about this character?
Everything. Sometimes she’s such a ditz, lol.

6. Does your character resemble you in any way?
Yeah! She’s a lot like me. Except I’m not blind, lol.

7. Do you have any shamelessly Mary-Sue characters?

8. Where did you get the inspiration for this character?
Myself. (LOL, well, I sound like I have one hell of an ego.)

9. Do you have any tips for wannabe writers about creating a believable/good character?
Take inspiration from your life and those around you. You’d be surprised that inspiration is closer than you think.

{June 8, 2009}   Fanfiction Survey

Age: 19

Gender: Genderqueer


1. What made you start reading and/or writing fanfiction?
I wanted to participate in the Verka Serduchka (Teatr Danilko) fandom 🙂

2. How long have you been reading and/or writing fanfiction?
Quite a while! I honestly don’t remember, lol.

3. Which fandoms or pairings do you like to read and/or write?
Pairings: Verka Serduchka/Andrei Danilko, Andrei Danilko/Yuri Avramenko, Yuri Shatunov/Andrei Razin, Yuri Shatunov/Elena Anisina, Yuri Shatunov/Veronika Serduk
Fandoms: Teatr Danilko, Laskovyi Mai

4. What inspires you to read and/or write fanfic (music, TV shows, movies, celebs, fellow writers, etc.)?
Music, movies, and other writers. I get A LOT of ideas from lines in songs or movies. <— this XD

5. Has fanfic enhanced your reading and/or writing abilities? Please explain why or why not.

6. Which websites do you go to when you want to read or post fanfic?
Right here, or my myspace blog.

7. Do you feel that fanfic takes away the “intellectual or creative rights” of the author/screenwriter who created it since stories are written by fans?
What? No. That’s… weird.

8. Do you think that authors/screenwriters should have more of an open mind in regards to fanfic?
Well, yeah, because they shouldn’t try to ban it!

9. If given the opportunity (and legal rights), do you think fanfic should be published?
Ehh, sure. I wouldn’t publish mine though.

10. Are there any final thoughts you’d like to add about fanfic or this survey?
This was too short x_x

{May 27, 2009}   Meme №3

1.) Which is your favorite fic? Okay, I’m not sure. Well, all of my Verka ones are pretty amazing 🙂 so they’re definitely in the fave category. My Laskovyj Maj one, Devochka Moyei Mechty is another fave.

2.) Which is your best-received fic? Hmm… Devochka Moyei Mechty was pretty damn well-received when I debuted it on Myspace! But I do think my ongoing Verka trilogy is pretty well-received too. They’re tied with each other.

3.) Which is your worst-received fic? Good question. I don’t even know. XD

4.) Which is your angsty-est fic? Ehh, I don’t know. XD

5.) Which is your funniest fic? All of my fics have humorous stuff in them, so IDK.

6.) Smuttiest? All XD

7.) Fluffiest? Devochka Moyei Mechty, by far XDD I mean, come on, Yura calls Elena “Snugglebunny” XD

8.) Have you ever made someone cry with a fic? Not that I know of!

9.) Which fic frustrates you the most? All of them XD

10.) Which fic was most fun to write? I’m not sure.

11.) Who is your favorite OC ever created? OMG… it’s a tie between Verka’s twin sister Veronica, and little Elena.

12.) Are you better at oneshot or multipart? Both!

{May 27, 2009}   Meme №2
Do you read or write fanfiction? Yep. Both.
When did you first start reading/writing fanfiction? A few years ago.
What was your first fandom? I can’t remember, so I’m just gonna go with Teatr Danilko
First ship? Verka Serduchka/Andrei Danilko XDDD
What website do you use most? WordPress
What do you think of Sucks.
What fandoms have you written in? Teatr Danilko, Laskovyj Maj
Pairings? Teatr Danilko: Verka/Andrei, Andrei/Yuri Avramenko… Laskovyj Maj: Yura Shatunov/Elena Anisina (OC), Yura/Andrei Razin
Any fandoms you would like to write in? Zanna, Don’t!
Do reviews affect how you write in any way? Kinda.
Do you use a beta? No.
What ratings do you read/write? All. Mainly R to NC-17
What warnings have you used on your fiction/read? Lots.
Do you have any squicks? Not really.
Do you Role-play online? If so, what? OMFG XD My friends and I used to do a Teatr Danilko RP online. I was Verka XD
Have you ever stolen something from another person’s work? No.
Favorite fandom to write/read? Teatr Danilko, Laskovyj Maj
Favorite pairing? Teatr Danilko: Verka/Andrei, Yura Shatunov/Veronica Serduk (OC)… Laskovyj Maj: Yura Shatunov/Andrei Razin
Favorite writer/writers? My gf Maria writes some awesome stuff.
How long should a chapter be? As long as a writer wants it. Sometimes you just can’t think of anything else and end up with a tiny chapter.
Do you write/read drabbles? Yep!
Any fandoms you avoid? Yeah, anything trendy and that isn’t my two fandoms XD
Pairings you avoid? Andrei/Veronica XDDD I mean, that’d be weird if he left Verka for her twin sister.
Warnings you avoid? None that I know of
Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is? No
What do you think of Mary Sues? if they’re well written, than they’re okay.
Have you ever flamed someone? Yep
Have you ever been flamed? Yep XD
That’s it, aren’t you glad? Sure, why not.

{May 27, 2009}   Meme №1 *Unfinished*

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Let’s see… I pick the Laskovyj Maj fandom (duhh XD) and my main pairings of Yura/Andrei and Yura/Elena. This should be interesting. Might end up doing another for my other ficdom XD

1.) t.A.T.u. – Полчаса (Polchasa/30 Minutes)

The door slammed. Yura layed on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He wanted to run away from everything, preferably by train, with his darling Drunia. Never to look back, never asking questions. Right now, he was all alone. Something he hated more than anything, the loneliness made him feel broken, not himself… [should I continue this? Let me know.]

2.) Steklovata – Просто осень (Prosto osen’/Only Autumn)

The rain hit the window, and Elena was watching it, feeling a bit depressed. “What’s up, snugglebunny?” Yura asked, sitting next to her. “Nothing. I just hate Autumn. It means Summer is over. And school starts again. Ick.” Yura giggled. “Yeah, that does suck. Especially school! No one likes school. But hey, we only have a year to wait and then it’ll be Summer again!” Elena smiled. “You’re too positive sometimes! It’s cute. …wanna go play in the rain?” “YEAH!! Let’s.. make friends with the Autumn!” They grabbed each other’s hands and ran outside, giggling happily.

3.) Verka Serduchka – Я не поняла (Ya ne ponyala/I Don’t Understand)

The sun was shining, and Yura was sitting on the palace steps, cooking up a plan. He was planning to make the Prince, Andrei, his love. “I need no one’s advice.” Yura said to himself. He walked over to the balcony, where Prince Andrei was sitting. The two made eye contact, and Yura ran off. Andrei followed him, and put a hand on his shoulder. Yura turned away, playing hard-to-get.

4.) Lolita – Я люблю себя (Ya lyublyu sebya/I Love Myself)

5.) Eiffel 65 – Time is Not Our Cage

6.) Verka Serduchka – Я революция! (Ya revolyutziya!/I’m a Revolution!)

7.) t.A.T.u. – Всё нормально (Vsyo normal’no/Everything’s Fine)

8.) Yura Shatunov – Я теряю (Ya teryayu/I Lose)

9.) Yura Shatunov – И упав на колени (I upav na koleni/And I’m On My Knees)

10.) Verka Serduchka – Солнце и луна (Solntze i luna/Sun and Moon)

et cetera