ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{August 29, 2009}   “Devochka Moyei Mechty” Chapter 9, Part 2

Yura ran into his room, and layed on the bed. He was miserable. Kuzia walked in, and sat on the edge of the bed. “Yurochka… don’t be sad.” Yura rolled over on the bed. “Leave me alone, Kuzia.” “Look, I know it hurts… but it’ll be okay. You still have Lena. You don’t need Andrei.” There was a silence between them for a few moments, and then Yura broke it. “I quit.” Kuzia’s eyes widened. “WHAT?!” “I’m quitting the band, Kuz. I just can’t be near him. I’m sorry.” Kuzia sat there in shock, and Lena walked in hearing everything. “Yuri Vasilevich!!! You are NOT quitting!” she said, sitting next to him, cuddling him. Kuzia stood up and headed to the door. “Just think it over. I’ll be composing if you need me.” Yura sighed. “Whatever…” Lena decided to lay next to him, and hugged him. He looked at her. “Lenushka…” “Yeah?” “Promise me you’ll never leave me…”

Meanwhile, in the main room, Kuzia called a band meeting. The rest of Laskovyi Mai (Andrei, Sasha, Sergei, Misha, Kostya, Igor, and Slava) walked in. Kuzia looked at them. “Sit, all of you.” he said, pacing back and forth. The boys sat. Misha was worried. “This doesn’t sound good at all…” he said. “It’s not.” said Kuzia, causing the boys to look at him, worried. “Yura quit the band.” Everyone looked at each other in shock. Andrei knew it had something to do with him. “WHAT?!?” Misha yelped, surprised. Sasha and Sergei just looked at each other, bummed out. “You know what, Kuz? I quit too. It’s just… Yura’s like a brother to me. Wherever he goes, I go. I can’t do this without him.” Misha said, walking out of the room. Kuzia was shocked, but deep down he knew this was all temporary.

Back in Yura’s bedroom, he and Lena were still on the bed together, snuggling. “Yurka… I need to tell you something.” Yura looked at her, a bit worried. “What is it, snugglebunny?” She got nervous and started playing with her hair. “Well… remember on your birthday last month when we got back together for the night and we… you know…” Yura giggled. “Of course I remember… what’s up?” “Well… Yurkina… I.. I’m gonna have your baby!!” Yura stared at her, shocked. “Seriously?!? We’re so young though…” “I know, Yurochka. I think we can do this. It’ll be alright!” They cuddled. “You know, Lenushka… I think that splitting with Drunia might have been a good thing..”


They really are too young!!! But they’re handling it better than any 14 yr olds I know of! O_O


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