ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{June 10, 2009}   Another Meme

I got this off of DeviantART. 🙂


1. What’s your name? Tell me a bit about yourself.
I’m Inna. I love music (Russian/Ukrainian pop) and writing. I’m 19 and I have a girlfriend who I love more than life.♥

2. When did you first find that you had a knack for writing?
6th grade, lol.

3. Do you prefer poetry or prose? Why? Do you like both?
Both is good.

4. What is it you enjoy most about writing?
Being able to get your feelings out.

5. Do you enjoy roleplaying? If you do, do you use your favorite characters for it or make up new ones?
I love roleplaying. Seeing how those I write about are real people, I don’t make up new characters. We do RPRP (Real Person RolePlay).

6. When writing, do you think about the techniques you use and how they affect the reader, or simply write away?
I do! I want to be able to make people laugh, cry, be afraid 🙂

7. Do you feel bad when you write your characters in danger?
Oh I do, kinda. But it does give an element of suspense to stories.

8. Do you have any particular influences?
My life. Some of my writings, I take things from my own life and use them.

9. Have you ever joined in a collaboration with friends? If not/so, why?
No. 😦 I should’ve before everyone over at the Verka Serduchka fanclub stopped writing…

10. Do you show friends your work even if it is not complete? Or do you prefer for it to be finished before showing off?
I only show unfinished things to select people, unless it’s an ongoing story.
1. Who was the first character you came up with? Describe them.
Ooh! Finally I get to let my OC’s shine! The first one I came up with was Veronika Serduk. Describe her… umm.. wow. Let’s see. She’s a tall, curvaceous blonde, with amazing legs, and a pin-up girl body to die for, like her sister (Verka Serduchka). Veronika is blind, but doesn’t let it bother her too much.

2. Do you feel you know your character inside/out?
Yes. 🙂

3. What makes your character angry?
Ignorant people.

4. Do you think about why they are as they are or are they so just because you want them to be?
Hmm. I don’t know.

5. What do you like most about this character?
Everything. Sometimes she’s such a ditz, lol.

6. Does your character resemble you in any way?
Yeah! She’s a lot like me. Except I’m not blind, lol.

7. Do you have any shamelessly Mary-Sue characters?

8. Where did you get the inspiration for this character?
Myself. (LOL, well, I sound like I have one hell of an ego.)

9. Do you have any tips for wannabe writers about creating a believable/good character?
Take inspiration from your life and those around you. You’d be surprised that inspiration is closer than you think.


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