ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{June 8, 2009}   Fanfiction Survey

Age: 19

Gender: Genderqueer


1. What made you start reading and/or writing fanfiction?
I wanted to participate in the Verka Serduchka (Teatr Danilko) fandom 🙂

2. How long have you been reading and/or writing fanfiction?
Quite a while! I honestly don’t remember, lol.

3. Which fandoms or pairings do you like to read and/or write?
Pairings: Verka Serduchka/Andrei Danilko, Andrei Danilko/Yuri Avramenko, Yuri Shatunov/Andrei Razin, Yuri Shatunov/Elena Anisina, Yuri Shatunov/Veronika Serduk
Fandoms: Teatr Danilko, Laskovyi Mai

4. What inspires you to read and/or write fanfic (music, TV shows, movies, celebs, fellow writers, etc.)?
Music, movies, and other writers. I get A LOT of ideas from lines in songs or movies. <— this XD

5. Has fanfic enhanced your reading and/or writing abilities? Please explain why or why not.

6. Which websites do you go to when you want to read or post fanfic?
Right here, or my myspace blog.

7. Do you feel that fanfic takes away the “intellectual or creative rights” of the author/screenwriter who created it since stories are written by fans?
What? No. That’s… weird.

8. Do you think that authors/screenwriters should have more of an open mind in regards to fanfic?
Well, yeah, because they shouldn’t try to ban it!

9. If given the opportunity (and legal rights), do you think fanfic should be published?
Ehh, sure. I wouldn’t publish mine though.

10. Are there any final thoughts you’d like to add about fanfic or this survey?
This was too short x_x


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