ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{June 7, 2009}   “Devochka Moyei Mechty” Chapter 7

So, this takes place the day after Drunia had found Yurka in Savel’evka, and now, they’ve just arrived home. (It takes 35 hours to get from Savel’evka to Orenburg, so yeah..)
The door opened, and in walked Andrei and Yura. Elena looked up, and saw Yura, causing her to jump into his arms, crying happily. “Yura!! I was so worried! I thought something bad had happened… Don’t you ever, ever do that again!!” Yura smiled at her. “I’m fine, snugglebunny!” he said, cuddling her. She looked at him. “Are you sure? Oi! Мой ласковый мальчик! You’re so cold…,” She held him close. “I’ve made a desision, Yurkina.. I do wanna marry you. Tonight.” Yura’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He looked over at Andrei, who was just staring at the floor, looking rejected. “Come on Yura! Let’s go to my room.. we’ll talk about this and I’ll warm you up.” Lena said, dragging him off towards her bedroom. Andrei watched them walk off, jealous, and Kuzia noticed it. “What’s going on with you and Yura?” he asked, suspicious. Andrei looked up at Kuzia, giving his best fake confused face. “What? Nothing.” “I’m not stupid, Drunia. Yesterday morning, when you walked out of his room, I could smell sex all over you.” Andrei turned away from Kuzia, blushing. “You can’t keep doing this. Two reasons… one, he’s your sister’s boyfriend! And two, you’re 24, he’s 14… do you know how wrong that is?!” “Kuzia… I know those things, and you know what? I just don’t care. I really love him, and nothing is gonna come between us! He’s so sweet, and so precious… and he has talents that aren’t suitable for the stage, if you get what I mean!” Kuzia looked at Andrei, grossed out. “Okay. Too much info!!! … well. What are you going to do? Your sister wants to marry him tonight.” Andrei sighed. “I guess I’ll just trust that Yura does what’s right… for us.”

Meanwhile, in Lena’s room, she and Yura are laying on the bed together, and she has many blankets on him, trying to get him warm. “I can’t believe it! We’re gonna get married!” she said, giggling. Yura looked at her, wishing he was about to say anything but this. “Lenushka… maybe we shouldn’t.” “What?” she asked, confused. “Earlier before you ran off, you really wanted to!” “Don’t get me wrong, snugglebunny… I do want to marry you, one day. Just not now. I wasn’t thinking too clearly earlier.. I was scared.” Lena cuddled with him. “Scared of what?” Yura sat there, quiet for a minute, thinking of something to tell her.. he obviously couldn’t tell her the truth. “Losing you. Misha also has a crush on you… I’m just scared you’d leave me for my best friend.” “What?! NO! Okay, yeah, Misha’s totally cute, but I don’t love him, I love you. Anyways, I’m a bit mad at him right now.” “Why, snugglebunny?” “Well.. he told me that you slept with my brother! I was like ‘What?! Ew! Yura would never!!’.” Yura looked away from her, feeling guilty. “Oh my god… it’s true, isn’t it?” “What? No! No it’s not!” “You’re lying! I can see right through it!!” Lena yelled, on the verge of tears. “I’m not lying! I swear!!” “Look me in the eyes and tell me that. Do it! Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t sleep with my brother!!” Yura just looked at the wall. He knew he couldn’t tell her anymore lies. “See? You can’t even do that! … Just leave! Get out!! I never wanna see you again!!” Yura got off the bed, and walked out of her room. He was shaking, and wanted to cry so bad, but he wouldn’t let himself.

He walked into where Kuzia and Andrei were sitting, discussing plans for the new album. “Kuzia… have you seen Misha?” “Yeah, he’s upstairs in your room.. where else?” “Good! I’m gonna kick his ass!!” Yura said, turning to leave the room. Kuzia grabbed him. “What happened?” “He told Lena about Andrei and I…” he said, unable to hold back from crying any longer. “I think I finally know what heartbreak feels like… I need to go.. I’m going outside.” Yura ran outside, and Sasha and Sergei decided to follow.

😦 Poor Yurkina 😦 Don’t you just wanna give him a hug? I know I do.


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