ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{June 1, 2009}   Inspired by a picture of a feather…

“Wake up!” Vera said, playfully wacking Andrei with a pillow. Andrei looked at her. “Vera, have you gone crazy?!” “Yep. Crazy for you!” she said, turning around and picking up her socks. Andrei picked up her pillow and wacked her in the back with it. Vera turned and looked at him. “Oi! It’s war now, Andrusha!!!” She grabbed her pillow from him, and began to wack him relentlessly. “Oi! Vera!! Not fair! I’m unarmed!!” Vera stopped. “Well, get your pillow then. I’m gonna kick your butt!” she said, giggling. Andrei grabbed his pillow, and they began wailing on each other, causing feathers to fly everywhere. “Ooh.. Andrusha… I think we’re gonna need new pillows.”


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