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Outside, Yura, Sasha, and Sergei were walking, creating a trail with some fake blood they found. It was part of Yura’s plan to make Lena come running back to him. “This is gonna cause a freak-out of epic proportions.” he said, walking. “No shit, it’ll be amazing.” said Sasha, accidently pouring the fake blood on his hands. Sergei stood there, staring at Andrei’s car. “Yura! I’ve got an even better idea.. you should really freak out Drunia too!” Yura looked over at him. “Sounds like a good idea…” He took the fake blood and started to make smeared bloody handprints all over Andrei’s car. Yura sat in front seat of the car, legs hanging out the door. “You two remember what to do, right?” “Yep! We do.” “Good.” he said, taking out a pocket knife. Sasha looked at him, freaked out. “Yura!! What are you doing?! This isn’t in the plan!!” “Sashka. How else am I gonna make this convincing? I have to give myself little cuts…” “Dude… just don’t get carried away.” “I won’t! I promise!” Sasha and Sergei ran inside, while Yura began to cover himself with the fake blood.

Meanwhile inside, things were awkward. Elena stared at Andrei, evilly, and Andrei just stared at the floor. Kuzia was watching them, amused, and played keyboard. Misha and Kostya were laying in the floor, playing chess, when Sasha and Sergei ran in, freaking out. “GUYS!!! GUYS!!! HELP!!” “Sasha! Calm down. What’s going on?!” Kuzia asked. Sasha began to do his best fake crying act, which probably should’ve won him an award or two. “It’s bad, Kuz… it’s really bad.” Andrei looked up at Sasha. “What is? What’s going on?” he asked. Elena continued to stare at her brother, angrily. “It’s Yura…” Sergei said, staring at the floor. “It’s awful… blood everywhere…”

Elena looked at Sasha, not wanting to believe what she just heard. Everyone was in a stunned silence. “This is all my fault…” Misha said, feeling guilty. “No, Mishanka. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have yelled at him…” All of a sudden, everyone noticed Sasha’s hands covered in ‘blood’. “I tried to wake him! It didn’t work!!” Andrei grabbed a flashlight, and ran outside, with everyone following. They saw the trail of ‘blood’ and stopped. Lena noticed Yura’s legs sticking out the open door, and she ran over, with everyone following. “Yurochka!!!” She crawled on top of him, and held him, crying. Yura wanted to burst out laughing, but wouldn’t let himself. To him, Lena was getting exactly what she deserved.

Kuzia pulled Lena off of Yura, and Andrei picked him up, holding him close. “Yura… what were you thinking?” Yura looked up at him. “Drunia… I love you.” “And I love you too.” He carried him inside. “Someone, get me a wet towel. I need to clean him up and figure out where the bleeding is coming from.” “We’ll go.” Sergei said, grabbing Sasha and running off to the laundry room. They couldn’t hold in their laughter any longer. “Yura is so fucking awesome!” Sergei said, grabbing some towels. “Hell yeah! I wanna be able to pull of something this insane one day!” They ran back into the room where everyone was, towels in hand. Andrei began to wipe Yura off. “I just don’t understand. These cuts don’t seem deep enough to cause this much blood…” “Well. Anything’s possible.” Kuzia said, pacing. Yura was doing his best near-death act, but began to feel really bad for it. Elena sat next to him, holding his hand. She was a crying mess. “Lenushka… you look so… shiny.” Kuzia stopped, and looked at Yura. “He’s delirious, Andrei. Bandage him up and put him in bed.” Sergei and Sasha looked at each other confused. If this was all just an act, then… how was Yurka delerious? Andrei carried Yura into his bedroom, and put him in bed. “You get some sleep, мой дождик.” he said, covering him up and walking out. Sergei and Sasha snuck in, and poked Yura.
“Dude, that was great!!” Sasha said, sitting on the end of the bed. “Yeah I know!! They think I’m fucked! They think I’m about to die! I hate to say it, but.. I kinda like this attention.” “Yeah, they’re babying you! It’s fucking sweet.” “Hell yeah! I just hate seeing everyone so sad.” “Yeah, that sucks. I’ve never seen Drunia act like this. He’s miserable. And Elena acts like the world is ending.” Sergei said, deciding to sit on Sasha. “That was my plan. To make Lena feel shitty for freaking out on me.” Just then, Andrei walked back in, coming to check on Yura. “SASHA! SERGEI! Get outta here! Yurka needs sleep.” Sergei grabbed Sasha and ran out, leaving Andrei and Yura alone. Yura began to feel insanely guilty, and it showed. “You’re okay, aren’t you?” Andrei asked, sitting next to him. “Druniachka…” “This was all an act?!” “Andrusha, let me explain..” “Don’t. How could you do something this sick?! I totally thought I was gonna lose you!” Yura looked at Drunia, wishing there was someway he could take back what he did. “I didn’t expect you to find me. This all was intended for Lena.” Little did Yura know, Elena was outside the door, listening to everything. “Druniachka… I wanted her to feel like shit for snapping at me. I know, I know… it’s childish. I deserve to have everyone hate me.” “You do not.” Andrei said, hugging him. “I’d better go before Kuzia finds out. I love you, мой дождик.” “I love you more!!” Andrei smiled at Yura and walked out of the room.

Just then, Elena stormed in, pissed. “YURI VASIL’EVICH SHATUNOV!! You have a lot of nerve pulling a stunt like that!” Yura looked away from her. “Do you know how worried I was when I saw you laying there like that?! I thought you were dead! I thought to myself “Great. Another person in my life I really cared about is gone.” “Lena.. I’m sorry. I just… it was stupid.” “Yeah, it was. And now I feel like… you’re not the same. You act like I don’t exist anymore. You don’t even want to spend time with me anymore… maybe we shouldn’t be together.” Yura looked at her, sad. His plan was to make her feel bad, not cause her to dump him! “Yura… I love you. But until you can decide if you want to be with me or my brother, there’s no us. I’m sorry.” She said, walking out.


Honestly, do you blame Yura for his plan? I don’t.


{June 14, 2009}   News

Hi readers (hopefully I have some!) I’m sorry for the lack of updates! I haven’t been so creative lately, but I am trying! Hopefully within a few days I’ll have something. XOXO Inna

{June 10, 2009}   Another Meme

I got this off of DeviantART. 🙂


1. What’s your name? Tell me a bit about yourself.
I’m Inna. I love music (Russian/Ukrainian pop) and writing. I’m 19 and I have a girlfriend who I love more than life.♥

2. When did you first find that you had a knack for writing?
6th grade, lol.

3. Do you prefer poetry or prose? Why? Do you like both?
Both is good.

4. What is it you enjoy most about writing?
Being able to get your feelings out.

5. Do you enjoy roleplaying? If you do, do you use your favorite characters for it or make up new ones?
I love roleplaying. Seeing how those I write about are real people, I don’t make up new characters. We do RPRP (Real Person RolePlay).

6. When writing, do you think about the techniques you use and how they affect the reader, or simply write away?
I do! I want to be able to make people laugh, cry, be afraid 🙂

7. Do you feel bad when you write your characters in danger?
Oh I do, kinda. But it does give an element of suspense to stories.

8. Do you have any particular influences?
My life. Some of my writings, I take things from my own life and use them.

9. Have you ever joined in a collaboration with friends? If not/so, why?
No. 😦 I should’ve before everyone over at the Verka Serduchka fanclub stopped writing…

10. Do you show friends your work even if it is not complete? Or do you prefer for it to be finished before showing off?
I only show unfinished things to select people, unless it’s an ongoing story.
1. Who was the first character you came up with? Describe them.
Ooh! Finally I get to let my OC’s shine! The first one I came up with was Veronika Serduk. Describe her… umm.. wow. Let’s see. She’s a tall, curvaceous blonde, with amazing legs, and a pin-up girl body to die for, like her sister (Verka Serduchka). Veronika is blind, but doesn’t let it bother her too much.

2. Do you feel you know your character inside/out?
Yes. 🙂

3. What makes your character angry?
Ignorant people.

4. Do you think about why they are as they are or are they so just because you want them to be?
Hmm. I don’t know.

5. What do you like most about this character?
Everything. Sometimes she’s such a ditz, lol.

6. Does your character resemble you in any way?
Yeah! She’s a lot like me. Except I’m not blind, lol.

7. Do you have any shamelessly Mary-Sue characters?

8. Where did you get the inspiration for this character?
Myself. (LOL, well, I sound like I have one hell of an ego.)

9. Do you have any tips for wannabe writers about creating a believable/good character?
Take inspiration from your life and those around you. You’d be surprised that inspiration is closer than you think.

{June 8, 2009}   Fanfiction Survey

Age: 19

Gender: Genderqueer


1. What made you start reading and/or writing fanfiction?
I wanted to participate in the Verka Serduchka (Teatr Danilko) fandom 🙂

2. How long have you been reading and/or writing fanfiction?
Quite a while! I honestly don’t remember, lol.

3. Which fandoms or pairings do you like to read and/or write?
Pairings: Verka Serduchka/Andrei Danilko, Andrei Danilko/Yuri Avramenko, Yuri Shatunov/Andrei Razin, Yuri Shatunov/Elena Anisina, Yuri Shatunov/Veronika Serduk
Fandoms: Teatr Danilko, Laskovyi Mai

4. What inspires you to read and/or write fanfic (music, TV shows, movies, celebs, fellow writers, etc.)?
Music, movies, and other writers. I get A LOT of ideas from lines in songs or movies. <— this XD

5. Has fanfic enhanced your reading and/or writing abilities? Please explain why or why not.

6. Which websites do you go to when you want to read or post fanfic?
Right here, or my myspace blog.

7. Do you feel that fanfic takes away the “intellectual or creative rights” of the author/screenwriter who created it since stories are written by fans?
What? No. That’s… weird.

8. Do you think that authors/screenwriters should have more of an open mind in regards to fanfic?
Well, yeah, because they shouldn’t try to ban it!

9. If given the opportunity (and legal rights), do you think fanfic should be published?
Ehh, sure. I wouldn’t publish mine though.

10. Are there any final thoughts you’d like to add about fanfic or this survey?
This was too short x_x

So, this takes place the day after Drunia had found Yurka in Savel’evka, and now, they’ve just arrived home. (It takes 35 hours to get from Savel’evka to Orenburg, so yeah..)
The door opened, and in walked Andrei and Yura. Elena looked up, and saw Yura, causing her to jump into his arms, crying happily. “Yura!! I was so worried! I thought something bad had happened… Don’t you ever, ever do that again!!” Yura smiled at her. “I’m fine, snugglebunny!” he said, cuddling her. She looked at him. “Are you sure? Oi! Мой ласковый мальчик! You’re so cold…,” She held him close. “I’ve made a desision, Yurkina.. I do wanna marry you. Tonight.” Yura’s eyes widened. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He looked over at Andrei, who was just staring at the floor, looking rejected. “Come on Yura! Let’s go to my room.. we’ll talk about this and I’ll warm you up.” Lena said, dragging him off towards her bedroom. Andrei watched them walk off, jealous, and Kuzia noticed it. “What’s going on with you and Yura?” he asked, suspicious. Andrei looked up at Kuzia, giving his best fake confused face. “What? Nothing.” “I’m not stupid, Drunia. Yesterday morning, when you walked out of his room, I could smell sex all over you.” Andrei turned away from Kuzia, blushing. “You can’t keep doing this. Two reasons… one, he’s your sister’s boyfriend! And two, you’re 24, he’s 14… do you know how wrong that is?!” “Kuzia… I know those things, and you know what? I just don’t care. I really love him, and nothing is gonna come between us! He’s so sweet, and so precious… and he has talents that aren’t suitable for the stage, if you get what I mean!” Kuzia looked at Andrei, grossed out. “Okay. Too much info!!! … well. What are you going to do? Your sister wants to marry him tonight.” Andrei sighed. “I guess I’ll just trust that Yura does what’s right… for us.”

Meanwhile, in Lena’s room, she and Yura are laying on the bed together, and she has many blankets on him, trying to get him warm. “I can’t believe it! We’re gonna get married!” she said, giggling. Yura looked at her, wishing he was about to say anything but this. “Lenushka… maybe we shouldn’t.” “What?” she asked, confused. “Earlier before you ran off, you really wanted to!” “Don’t get me wrong, snugglebunny… I do want to marry you, one day. Just not now. I wasn’t thinking too clearly earlier.. I was scared.” Lena cuddled with him. “Scared of what?” Yura sat there, quiet for a minute, thinking of something to tell her.. he obviously couldn’t tell her the truth. “Losing you. Misha also has a crush on you… I’m just scared you’d leave me for my best friend.” “What?! NO! Okay, yeah, Misha’s totally cute, but I don’t love him, I love you. Anyways, I’m a bit mad at him right now.” “Why, snugglebunny?” “Well.. he told me that you slept with my brother! I was like ‘What?! Ew! Yura would never!!’.” Yura looked away from her, feeling guilty. “Oh my god… it’s true, isn’t it?” “What? No! No it’s not!” “You’re lying! I can see right through it!!” Lena yelled, on the verge of tears. “I’m not lying! I swear!!” “Look me in the eyes and tell me that. Do it! Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t sleep with my brother!!” Yura just looked at the wall. He knew he couldn’t tell her anymore lies. “See? You can’t even do that! … Just leave! Get out!! I never wanna see you again!!” Yura got off the bed, and walked out of her room. He was shaking, and wanted to cry so bad, but he wouldn’t let himself.

He walked into where Kuzia and Andrei were sitting, discussing plans for the new album. “Kuzia… have you seen Misha?” “Yeah, he’s upstairs in your room.. where else?” “Good! I’m gonna kick his ass!!” Yura said, turning to leave the room. Kuzia grabbed him. “What happened?” “He told Lena about Andrei and I…” he said, unable to hold back from crying any longer. “I think I finally know what heartbreak feels like… I need to go.. I’m going outside.” Yura ran outside, and Sasha and Sergei decided to follow.

😦 Poor Yurkina 😦 Don’t you just wanna give him a hug? I know I do.

{June 1, 2009}   “Stunned”

The audience was stunned as she ran off stage in the middle of the song, sobbing. What had become of the Ukrainian Cinderella?


Verkusha had a hella bad day. 😦 Let’s give her a hug!

{June 1, 2009}   “Box in the attic”

There was a box in the attic… packed away for years. Andrei would never talk about it… everytime Vera brought it up, he’d change the subject. She just wondered what exactly was in there?

{June 1, 2009}   Untitled drabble №3

“No one believed me.” Vera said, leaning against the wall. “They refused to believe that Oleksiy would do something so horrible. I’ve had to live with the painful memories ever since I was 17. And to think, he’s still out there..” she shuddered, then broke down in tears in Andrei’s arms. It was in that moment when Andrei made a promise to protect Vera from any kind of harm what so ever.

{June 1, 2009}   “Side of the road”

Andrei and Vera were walking along a tiny path on the side of the road, giggling happily. All of a sudden, Vera stopped. “Andrusha… do you see that?” Andrei looked in the general direction that Vera was pointing in. “No… what are you looking at?” “This!” she said, heading towards a box. He followed her, unsure. “Oh my gosh.. Andrusha!!! It’s… it’s… a kitten!” The little kitten showed no signs of injury and was very affectionate. “Aww.. it’s cute. Someone just left it here, I guess…” “Andrusha, darling… can I keep it?” “Okay… it’d be nice to have a cat!”

{June 1, 2009}   “Worst Fear”

“My worst fear is coming true…” Vera said, shaking. Her ex-boyfriend, Petro, had just escaped from the mental institution, and was on the loose.


We all know what happens… Verka kicks his ass XD

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