ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{May 28, 2009}   “Like a Kick in the Head” – Chapter 1

He watched her from across the street. He couldn’t stop staring at her, she was beautiful. Tall, curvacous, blonde-haired woman, with legs to die for. Yura swore he’d seen her somewhere else before… “Vera Serduchka?!…no.. it couldn’t be her.” he thought to himself. “Vera’s taller… and this girl is… blind.” The woman was walking over his way, walking stick in hand. He held the door for her, but she didn’t notice. She walked into the cafe, and sat at a table, alone. Yura knew this was his chance. He walked over to her, thinking of something to say, but nothing witty or funny was coming to mind. “Excuse me, Miss… is this seat taken?” he asked, nervously. She faced his direction a bit. “I’m sorry darling.. but it is.” she replied, with regret in her voice. “I’m just waiting for my sister to get here.” “Oh. Okay.” Yura turned to walk-away, but stopped. “Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Verka Serduchka?” The woman laughed. “Oh sweetie, I hear that allll the time! It’s very fitting though. She’s my identical twin sister.”


and we all can imagine Yura’s reaction: O_O


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