ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{May 28, 2009}   “Laundry Day”

Elena grabbed the basket of laundry out of the bathroom. It was her job to do the laundry, she didn’t mind it at all. She was unloading the laundry into the washer when she noticed a pink thong in the basket. With seemingly perfect timing, Yura came downstairs. She looked at him, trying not to get mad. “Yura Vasilevich! Explain to me, whose underwear are these?!” “Oi… Lena.. it’s not what you think! They were a gift.” “What?! A gift?! From who, those slutty fan-girls of yours?” “Well.. no.” “Then who?” she asked, annoyed. “Your brother.” Elena was totally floored.


Yes. Let’s all picture Drunia seductively giving Yura a pink thong XD


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