ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{May 27, 2009}   Meme №3

1.) Which is your favorite fic? Okay, I’m not sure. Well, all of my Verka ones are pretty amazing 🙂 so they’re definitely in the fave category. My Laskovyj Maj one, Devochka Moyei Mechty is another fave.

2.) Which is your best-received fic? Hmm… Devochka Moyei Mechty was pretty damn well-received when I debuted it on Myspace! But I do think my ongoing Verka trilogy is pretty well-received too. They’re tied with each other.

3.) Which is your worst-received fic? Good question. I don’t even know. XD

4.) Which is your angsty-est fic? Ehh, I don’t know. XD

5.) Which is your funniest fic? All of my fics have humorous stuff in them, so IDK.

6.) Smuttiest? All XD

7.) Fluffiest? Devochka Moyei Mechty, by far XDD I mean, come on, Yura calls Elena “Snugglebunny” XD

8.) Have you ever made someone cry with a fic? Not that I know of!

9.) Which fic frustrates you the most? All of them XD

10.) Which fic was most fun to write? I’m not sure.

11.) Who is your favorite OC ever created? OMG… it’s a tie between Verka’s twin sister Veronica, and little Elena.

12.) Are you better at oneshot or multipart? Both!


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