ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{May 23, 2009}   “Angel” – Chapter 1

“You have the voice of an angel.”

Yura sat in the van wondering what he truly meant by that. Anyways, who was this guy? And why was he so eager to bring him and Kuzia to Moscow? Yura was curious…no one — besides Kuzia, and Sasha and Misha– had ever been nice to him. His Aunt gave him up at the age of six, never giving much of a reason, other than that he was unruly and an awful child. The people at the orphanage beat him every night. So why was this strange new guy being so nice?

“Yura!! HEY! Pay attention!!” Sasha said, poking him. Yura looked at him. “Sashka, you’re such a dork. What’re you so happy about?” Sasha giggled. “All of this!! I mean, we’re a band! Me, you, Kuzia, and Igoryok! And we’re getting a record label!!” Yura just looked at him. “Sasha… I don’t think we should be so happy just yet.” “Why?” “Think about it. No one, and I mean NO ONE has ever been nice to us except Kuzia… why should we just trust this new guy?” “I’m not sure. But Kuzia says it’s okay, so it must be! He’d never do anything to put us in harm’s way!” “I wish I could believe that… Yura said to himself.


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