ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{May 20, 2009}   “Devochka Moyei Mechty” – Chapter 4, Part 2

That night, Yura layed in bed, sleeping comfortably. Andrei walked into his room, having a bad case of insomnia. “Yura… Yurochka… are you asleep?” he asked, gently shaking him. Yura rolled over. “…I love you too, Lenochka…” he said, pretty much still sleeping. Andrei shook him a little more. “Yura! Wake up!” That did the trick. Yura woke up, but none too pleased. “Блядь! Drunia!! Why’d you wake me?!?” “I can’t sleep.” he said, sitting on Yura’s bed. “Ugh. Oh well!” “Yura… I can’t stop thinking of you… I’m really confused.” Yura sat up in bed, thinking his ears were playing tricks on him. “What?!” “It’s true, Yurkina.. you’re the only thing I can think of lately. You’re so sweet and perfect and innocent and…” Andrei trailed off mid-sentance when he noticed Yura staring at him. “Yura, what is it?” “Nothing. It’s just odd you say this. I feel the same way about you.” Andrei was in shock. “You do?” “Yeah. I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t.” There was a bit of an awkward silence between them, until Andrei spoke. “Can I sleep in here tonight? It’s a little bit lonely…” “I don’t mind.” Andrei grabbed a blanket and started to lay down in the floor. “Drunia, don’t. You can sleep with me if you want.” Yura said, scooting over on the bed a little bit. Andrei crawled in bed with him, and covered up. He ended up taking a little too much cover, leaving Yura with none. He looked at Yura, surprised. “YOU SLEEP NAKED!!” Yura blushed and covered himself up. “Yeah.. I do. It’s more comfy, you know?” Andrei couldn’t help but stare. Yura had a perfect body. Yura noticed and decided to kiss Andrei. They began to makeout with each other, and Yura pulled of Andrei’s boxers, throwing them down, which caused them to land on Misha. Misha was sleeping in the floor, but ended up waking up. He decided to pretend to be asleep. They continued making out, and Andrei ended up on top of Yura, still kissing. Things continued to get hotter, but then he stopped. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” he asked. “Yeah.. positive! Like 100000 times positive. Drunia… I… I think..” “Yeah, Yurochka?” “I think I love you.”

*This whole scene is censored due to hot sex. LOL Sorry! I’m just paranoid about getting my thing deleted (Yura’s 14, Andrei’s 24.. yeah..). But I’m sure you can imagine what Yura and Andrei are getting into.*


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