ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{May 20, 2009}   “Devochka Moyei Mechty” Chapter 3

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened between Chapters 2 and this one, Chapter 3. I had it typed up, but my computer eats things… Yura and Elena started dating. They’re in love! BUT! They got into their first fight, and Elena thinks it’s the end of the world and their relationship, and she’s ran off, and Yura can’t find her… so here’s Chapter 3.


“Lenushka, where are you hiding?” Yura said, walking into Elena’s room. He found a note on her bed, and read it.

Yuroshka. I’ve decided that I’d be better off with my parents, if you know what I mean. Don’t come looking for me, it’s better that way.

Yura grabbed the note and ran into the music room where Kuzia, Andrei, and Kostya were practicing. “Yura! We were waiting for you, time to practice.” “No, Kuzia, we can’t. It’s an emergency!” They looked at him. “What do you mean?” Andrei said, taking the note from him. He read it. “Holy shit dude, you’re right. Okay. Here’s the plan. Yura, you check outside. Kuzia, you look in the basement, since that’s where everyone seems to end up. Kostya, you and I will search surrounding areas.” Yura ran outside, looking everywhere. It was dark, cold, and snowy, and the only light he had was a flashlight that only worked when it wanted to. He tripped over something, and fell into the snow. “What the hell was that?” he said to himself. He fumbled for the flashlight, which flew out of his hands when he fell, and turned it on. It wasn’t a something he tripped over, it was a someone… his darling Elena. “Lena! Are you okay?” She didn’t say anything, she only looked at him. “You stay right here, snugglebunny.. I need to find Andrei and Kostya.”

He ran off and pretty much bumped into them. “Did you find her?” “Yeah, but something’s not right. She’s just laying there.” They all ran over to where Yura found her. Kuzia saw them and followed. “I see you boys found her.” “Yeah… shit, I dropped my flashlight somewhere! Kuzia, do you have one?” He handed his flashlight to Yura. Yura shined it on Elena, and she opened her eyes a bit at the sudden burst of light. “She’s awfully pale.” Kostya said, pointing out the obvious. Kuzia got a glimpse of something shiny, and looked closer. It was a knife. He realized what Elena had done. “Guys, get in the car!” Yura looked at him. “I’m not leaving her here!” “We’re not. We have to get her to a hospital.” Yura picked her up and noticed what happened. She stabbed herself.

At the hospital, the boys waited for something, anything, anyone to tell them if Elena was okay or not. Finally, after what seemed to have been an hour, the doctor came out and spoke to Kuzia. Yura didn’t say anything, he just stared at the floor. Andrei walked over and sat next to him. “Dude, everything will be fine. Elena’s tough.” Yura looked up at him. “What if something happens? What if something goes wrong? It always does…” “It won’t.” Yura was about to say something, when Kuzia walked over to them. “I have good news, and bad news… what should I tell you first?” The boys just looked at him, annoyed, not wanting to play any games. “Well, good news is she didn’t puncture any vital organs. Bad news is she needs a blood transfusion, or she’ll die.” “I’ll do it.” Yura said, without a moment’s hesitation. “Not so fast, Yura. I’m not sure if your blood type is correct. She’s O negative, and can only receive O negative blood.” “Shit… I’m A positive.” “Kostya, what about you?” “Nope. AB positive.” “I’ll do it, Kuzia. I’m O negative.” Andrei said.

The hours passed, and Yura had fallen asleep. Kuzia didn’t see how, especially with the hospital’s bright lights. The doctor once again came out and spoke to him. “Please, no bad news.” “No, none. Just something that shocked me.” “And what is that?” “In the midst of this blood transfusion, we noticed they have the same DNA. They share a strand that only siblings share. Were you aware of this?” “Not at all. As far as we knew, Elena’s whole family was dead.” “Well, not anymore. That boy is her brother.”

Yep there you have it. Andrei Razin is Elena’s brother. (Note: I know nothing about blood transfusions and DNA. I also don’t know LM’s blood types. So deal with it. :P)


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