ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{May 20, 2009}   “Devochka Moyei Mechty” Chapter 2

That night, Yura layed on his bed, staring at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep. He was thinking about the beautiful girl he had met in class. “For once, I actually can’t wait for phys ed class tomorrow, especially if I get to see her… she’s so amazing!” he said to himself, drifting off to sleep.

The next morning came, and he and Misha headed off to school. After their usual classes, they went to Phys. Ed class. Yura walked in, and sat on the bench, his new usual spot. He waited all through class, but the girl never showed up. The bell rung, and Misha walked over to him. “Dude, don’t take it personally. She’s probably sick or something. Maybe she actually has a boyfriend.” Yura gave him a dirty look. “Shut up, before I throw you into the snow.” They headed back to the orphanage, when Yura heard a pretty familiar voice. He looked up, and there was the girl! She was talking to the orphanage’s musical director, Sergei Kuznetzov. He was also Laskovyj Maj’s manager, and songwriter. “So, you’ve formed a band? That’s so cool…” she said, skipping. “Yeah. It’s gonna be something huge, especially with Yura singing.” Yura ran to catch up with them. “Talking about me, Seryozha?” The girl looked at him in shock. “It’s you!! The sweet cute boy!!” Sergei looked at them. “You two know each other?” “Well, not exactly.” The girl said, blushing about six shades of red. They got to the orphanage and Yura grabbed a soccer ball and ran outside with it. His bandmates followed. He walked over to the girl. “Hey, wanna play volleyball with us?” “But, Yura, that’s a soccer ball…” Yura looked at it. “Well, what do ya know, it is! We don’t have a volleyball, so we have to use this… by the way.. what’s your name? I don’t wanna have to just call you “HEY YOU!”” The girl laughed. “I’m Elena. And of course I’d play!” They all joined teams. Yura, Elena, and Misha were on one, and Andrei, Dima, and Kostya were on the other.

…they were playing a fierce game, switching sides during every halftime. Dima was set to spike the ball, but he was taking forever. “Come on, Dima!! Spike the damn ball!” Misha said, impatient. Dima spiked it, hard, and it smacked Yura right in the face, knocking him out. “Yura!! Are you okay?!” Elena said, running over. He was totally out. “Yuroshka, wake up!” she said, gently shaking him. Yura opened his eyes. “Did I die and go to Heaven? Because I see an angel…” Elena blushed. “Oh, Yura, stop… are you alright?” “Yeah, I think so… just a bit dizzy. Stupid soccer ball.” Elena looked up at the rest of the boys. “Okay, game over! I’m taking Yura to bed.” Kostya began to laugh. “Oh really, Lena?” “I didn’t mean it like that!!! I mean, it’s not that I wouldn’t– I mean that’s not what I meant!” She helped Yura up, and walked inside with him. “That was so embarrassing…” she said, blushing. “Yeah, it was. Getting knocked out by a soccer ball…” “No, Yura, not that. Kostya and his dirty mind!” Yura laughed. “Lenochka, would you really…?” “WHAT?! I… um… maybe… I mean, maybe we should get to know each other first.” Yura smiled. “Sounds like a good idea.”

They sat in the room that Yura shared with Misha and Andrei. “So this is your room?” “Yeah. It’s a mess. I don’t clean.” “No shit, that’s obvious. Neither do I.” “Lena… you’re awesome. You’re like no girl I’ve ever met. You don’t mind rough-housing with boys, you like worms, you think bugs are cool… why are you so awesome?” “Oh, Yura. You’re making me blush even more. Stop it!” Just then, Andrei walked in, with Misha not far behind. “Ooh, Misha! Look at the lovebirds!” “Shut up, Drunia. She’s not my girlfriend.” “Yet. I say by tonight you guys will be fucking each other senseless. And trust me Lena, he was thinking about it last night!” Yura was a bit embarrassed. “Dude, seriously, I hate you.”


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