ShatunovAddict's Fan Fiction

{May 20, 2009}   “Devochka moyei mechty” Chapter 1

Yura sat at the lunchtable of Orenburg Boarding School №2, with his friend Misha Suhomlinov. Misha was pretty much Yura’s only friend, they had been inseperable since they met at the Akbulak Children’s Home, the orphanage that they lived in. “So, Misha.. did you pass that math quiz we had? It was tough! I didn’t have a chance to study last night…” Yura said, pretty much rambling. “Dude, how did you not have time to study?” “I’m a busy guy, Mishka.” Misha rolled his eyes. “Busy looking at Playboy.” Yura playfully punched him in the arm. “Dude, I was not! You know I don’t do that…” “Yeah, I know, but I had to say it. Ugh, physical education next. That’s gonna be GREAT!” he said, sarcastically. “Yeah, I’m gonna get my ass kicked. Again. I wish we could just skip that damn class and go home.” “Oi, I know.” The bell rung. “Come on, Yura.. we better get to the gym.” Yura sighed, and followed him.

They went into the locker room and put on their gym clothes. It was pretty much a free-for-all day, and seemingly the game of choice was dodgeball. Of course, all the other kids were throwing balls at Yura, and one hit him right in the side of the head. The kids laughed. “You’re such a loser, Shatunov! You’re never gonna become anything! You’re an orphan!” Boris said, hitting him in the head. “Hey! Leave him alone!” Misha yelled, storming over to them. They began to fight, and Yura snuck away, not wanting to be part of it. He sat on a bench, against the wall, quiet. A young girl sat next to him, and looked at him. “Are you okay?” she asked, caressing his face. He looked at her. She was a beautiful girl, about his age, fourteen, with mousey-brown hair, blue-green eyes, and a perfectly pale complexion. He couldn’t help but stare, enchanted by her beauty. The girl waved a hand in front of his face. “Hey! Are you okay?” Yura snapped out of his ‘trance’. “Huh? Oh yeah… I’m fine. I’m used to it, happens all the time.” “Why? Why are they so mean to you?” “Because… I’m an orphan.” She took his hand. “You know what? So am I.” They sat together, silent, holding hands until the bell rung, for them to go home. The girl kissed his cheek and scurried off before Yura could even ask her anything.


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