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{May 31, 2009}   “A Long Way From Home”

She was a long way from home, and she missed Andrei quite terribly. She sat in the silence of her hotel room, when her phone rang. “Hello?” she asked, answering. “Hello Verushka.” “Andrusha!!” She knew that he could tell she was smiling. “Happy to hear from me, I notice.” “Of course… I hate being away from you… I miss you so much.” “I miss you too.” “Drusha… I hate to do this, but I’m gonna go. I’m really tired.” “Likewise… I just wanted to hear your sweet voice. Good night, Vera. I’ll try not to miss you too much.” Andrei said, giggling and hanging up the phone. Vera smiled and laid back on her bed, giggling like a little schoolgirl.


{May 31, 2009}   “Crazy”

“The kid was crazy!,” Vera said to her very attentive friends, Olha and Svitlana. “He was running around the mall in only a pair of underwear!!!” “Well, was he hot?,” asked Olha. “What do you think?,” said Vera, pulling out the pictures she snapped.


Hehehehe… leave it to Verka to snap pictures of a hot boy (Andrusha XD) running through the mall in his underwear XD As if you couldn’t tell, they’re teens in this drabble!

{May 31, 2009}   “Cheap Shampoo”

Her hair smelled like cheap shampoo, but I didn’t mind. She was my everything, my heart, my soul… I miss her.

{May 31, 2009}   “Red Corvette”

“Vera, I bought something for you…” “Oi, Andrushka! You didn’t have to! Where is it?” she asked, looking at him. It was their first wedding anniversary, and Andrei wanted it to be special. “Outside. Give me your hand, and close your eyes.” She gave him her hand, closed her eyes, and was led out the door. “Okay, Verkushka. You can open them now!” She opened them, and saw a red Corvette… her favorite car. She had always wanted one, even as a teenager. She never thought she’d ever get one. “Drusha… I don’t know what to say!” “Don’t say anything…” he said, kissing her.


Yeah, I know, it’s amazingly corny and lame XD Actually, I wrote this last Summer, and I still don’t like it. LOL

{May 31, 2009}   “Blank Stare”

“Vera? Are you okay?” Andrei asked, concerned for his girlfriend. She didn’t respond, however, she sat there, staring blankly into space.


Eep! Wonder what’s up! O_O

It was a cloudless, starry sky that night. We layed in the grass, and I held her as we looked at the stars. The moonlight accentuated her gorgeous face, and that is when I knew it was true. I had the most beautiful woman in the world in my life.

{May 31, 2009}   “White”

White. It’s all she remembered seeing before she hit the ground. Nothing but white around her, and a horrible pain in her head.

Vika walked into the school, unsure of what to expect. Her and her family had just moved to Poltava from Odessa. It was hard, leaving everyone behind. She entered the office, wrecked with nerves. “Excuse me, Miss…” Vika said to the secretary. “Yes?” “I’m new here.. I just came here from a school in Odessa.” “Oh, you must be Viktoriya Priko. I’m Miss Ivanchuk, the main secretary.,” she said, shaking Vika’s hand. “Let me print out your schedule, and you will be all set.” “Oy… new classes. That’s the one thing I hate about new schools.” “Don’t we all?” She handed Vika her schedule, and Vika looked over it. “Ummm… where’s room 690?” Miss Ivanchuk couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s not your room number, it’s your teacher number. Your room number is 105, which is down the hall on the left hand side.” Vika was a bit embarassed. “Ohhh…” “Don’t be embarrassed. On the first day of school, half of the school was looking for room 700 to room 900.” Vika laughed, walking out of the office, and towards her class.

Vika walked towards the door, hesitating. “I don’t want to go in here.” Vika thought to herself. She saw the principal walking down the hall, so she went in anyways. The class stared at her. “May I help you?” asked the teacher. “I’m new in the class. I’m Viktoriya Priko.” she said, handing him her schedule. He looked it over. “You will sit next to Vera.” he said, pointing to Vera. She looked at Vera, and her heart fluttered. She was enchanted by her beauty… she had brown hair, perfectly crimped, teased, and put in a ponytail, hazel eyes, face like a porcelain doll, and a body to die for. She sat next to her, feeling nervous. “Hi!!!!” Vera said, giggling with excitement. “Hi…” “My name’s Vera, but you can call me Verka. What’s your name?” “I’m Viktoriya.. just call me Vika.” “Nice to meet you!” Vika smiled. She felt a connection with Vera… but what it was, she wasn’t sure. “Oy! This is my boyfriend, Petro, and this is his friend Andrei.” she said, pointing to the two boys sitting behind her. “Hi.” Andrei shyly smiled and waved at her, but Petro stared at her, like she was some kind of threat. “Petro, say something and stop sitting there like a mute!” “Did I say you could speak, Vera?” “No…” Verka said, diverting her eyes away from him. Vika couldn’t believe how Petro talked down to her. “You have no right to talk to her like that!” Vika said, furious. “Yes I do. I own her. She belongs to me. Right, Vera?” Verka just stared at the desk, trying to ignore him. “Right?” She continued staring at the desk, until he grabbed her by her throat. “Look at me when I’m talking to you. I own you right?” Andrei and Vika could see the fear in Verka’s eyes. “Yes… you do.” said Verka, getting up and walking out of the class.

“You jerk!” Vika said, running out of the room and after Verka. She met up with her in the bathroom, where she was sitting on the window sill, in the corner, crying. “Vera.. Vera, are you okay?” “Yes.. yes, I’m okay.” Vika grabbed Verka and hugged her. “You deserve so much better than him.” “I know. But he’s the only person that would ever love someone like me.” “What do you mean, ‘someone like you’?” “Just look at me, Vika. I’m fat, disgusting, and ugly.” “What?!? Vera, you are not! Who told you that??” “This girl in our class.. her name’s Sarah Mackenzie.. everyone calls her Mac. I hate her so much!” “Don’t worry, Vera. If she says one thing to you, I’ll beat the shit out of her.” “Really? You mean you would stand up for me? I mean, you don’t even know me that well.” “Yes. I would.” “Oh, Vika… you’re so sweet!” Verka said, hugging her. “And you are so beautiful…” Vika muttered. The feeling of Verka’s arms around her felt incredible. “What did you say?” “Oh, nothing, nothing. Just talking to myself. I know it’s odd, but I tend to do it sometimes for no apparent reason.” Verka just looked at her. “Vika.. please… just hold me.” Vika’s heart was racing. She loved having this beautiful girl pressed up against her. She wanted more than anything to kiss her, to feel her.. she didn’t want to rush things though. Right now, this was perfectly fine with her, and she didn’t care who saw.

{May 28, 2009}   “Copycat”

“Would you stop it!!” Yura yelled, to the boy sitting next to him. Sasha looked up at him, innocently smiling. “What, Yurochka? I’m not doing anything.” Yura rolled his eyes. “Yes you are. You keep copying me. Look, now you even dress like me!”

{May 28, 2009}   “Before You Go”

Elena stood there, in front of the train station, a crying, shaking mess. She wasn’t sure if she was shaking from crying so much, or if it was from the cold rain. She felt someone grab her arm, and turned around. It was Yura. She looked at him, tears streaming down her face. “Before you go…” he said, holding her hand. “I just want you to know, I’m sorry. I love you, and I need you more than anything. Go if you must, but I’ll always be here, waiting for you. I love you.” Before Elena could say anything, Yura walked off. She was alone, and wondering just what the hell her life had become.

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