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{February 12, 2010}   Update!

Hi everyone! I’m hard at work still on stories! Coming soon, Chapter 11 of Devochka moyei mechty, and a new one-shot story that is not going to be part of my series. Sorry for so much delay! XOXO


{December 16, 2009}   Updates!

Hi everyone! Just wanting to once again update you on my writing situation. I am done with school until January, so I pray I can update my stories before then! I haven’t forgot about this site, I have just been very busy with school and life and all that jazz. XOXO

“Lenochka! Wake up!” Yura said, poking her. She woke up and looked at him. “Мой зайчик, let’s go play hockey!” he said, picking her up off the bed. “No, Yurochka. I don’t wanna.” she said, hugging him. “Okay… I’ll go play with Sasha and Misha.” he said, running downstairs and outside. Elena walked down the hall and stopped when she heard an interesting conversation…

“Yes, I’ve been trying to. Once Andrei is out of the picture, I’ll be rich! What do you mean “what about the little rat?”? I’ve got plans for Yura…”

Elena ran downstairs and bumped into Andrei. “Drunia! Drunia! You have to listen to me!” Andrei looked at his sister, concerned. “Slow down, what’s going on?” “I just overheard Natalia on the phone, and she’s planning to kill you and take your money!! She’s also planning something against Yura!” Andrei sighed. “Lena, I know you don’t like Natasha, but making up something like this is sick!” he said, walking off. Elena was really upset. She ran outside where Yura, Sasha, and Misha were playing hockey. “Lenochka! You decided to join us?” Yura asked, hopeful. “No… dozhdik, I need to talk to you.” Yura skated over to her. “What’s up?” She looked at him wanting to cry. “I’m scared, Yurochka.” “Of what?” “I overheard Natalia on the phone. She’s plotting to kill my brother and take all of his money. Even you’re in danger… she said she has “plans” for you.” “WHAT?!! Not good. Did you tell Drunia?” “Yes, but he doesn’t believe me. He thinks I’m making this up.”


“Natasha!! Tasha, where are you?” Andrei yelled, looking around the room. Natalia walked in carrying some tea she made for herself and Andrei. “Yes, darling?” “I need to ask you a question.” “Well, okay. What?” “Lena said that you were on the phone with someone and you said that you want to kill me.” “WHAT?! No, Drunia! I would never!” she said, pretty much lying. “So I guess what Lena said about you saying you were planning to hurt Yura was a lie too?” “What? Druniashka, I don’t like Yura, but I would never hurt him!” she said, lying again. “Good. I can’t believe it… we’re together… and happy!” he said, taking a drink of tea. “Yes. To us!” Natalia said, making a toast. Just then, the phone rang. “I’ll get it!” Andrei said, answering. “Allo? Ah, Boris Yevgenyevich! How are you?” “Good. Thanks. Is Natalia home?” the voice on the other line said. “Yeah, hold on. … NATALIA!! TELEPHONE! IT’S YOUR BROTHER!!!!” he yelled, wating for her. Natalia took the phone and went into the other room, away from Andrei. “Hey Borya! How are things?” “They’re good. Thanks sis. How is the plan coming along?” he asked. “Very well. The poisoned tea should take effect soon.” “Hehehehehe… cool. And Yuri?” “I don’t know. I need someone to kidnap him.” “I will. Where does he go?” “He plays hockey alone outside a lot, but sometimes with Misha and Sasha. Those two are easy to distract however. I’ll call you back.”

Natalia went outside and walked over to where Yuri, Sasha, and Misha were playing street hockey. Yuri stopped and looked at her suspiciously. “What the hell do you want?” he asked her, keeping his distance. “Nothing, Yura. I just want to watch you boys play.” She said, sitting on the little bench. Yuri was none too trusting of her, but continued to play hockey anyways. Natalia dialed her cell phone and called her brother. “Borya. Where are you at?” she asked. “Behind you. In the trees. I see everything. Now go. Let’s set this plan into motion.” He said, hanging up. Natalia walked back over to the boys. “Sasha, Misha, Kuzia wants to talk to you boys.” “Oh. Okay. Come on Misha!” Sasha said, grabbing Misha’s arm and running inside. Natalia and Yuri just stared at each other. “You’re up to no good. I know this. Lenka heard everything.” “Yes, but no one but you believes her. And without you around to back her up, it’d seem like she’s telling a big lie.” “Yeah, well, sucky for you that I am backing her up!” “Not for long.” A voice behing Yuri said. He turned around and there was Natalia’s older brother, Boris. Boris took the hockey stick and whacked Yuri in the head with it, knocking him out. Natalia laughed evilly. “Good work. Now take him to your summer house and torture him. They’ll never know he’s gone.”

{October 11, 2009}   hey all!

Don’t think that I’ve gave up! I’m hard at work on Chapter 10 of Devochka Moyei Mechty 🙂 Just wanted to update you all! 🙂

{September 11, 2009}  

Okay! I am SOOO sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve started college so I’ve been very busy. But I do have an update type thing… I have a list of four things, and I’ll answer them if you want me to. It’s about my original characters.

1) how I thought of their name
2) what made me create the character in the first place
3) how the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4) any random fun fact about that character

Yura ran into his room, and layed on the bed. He was miserable. Kuzia walked in, and sat on the edge of the bed. “Yurochka… don’t be sad.” Yura rolled over on the bed. “Leave me alone, Kuzia.” “Look, I know it hurts… but it’ll be okay. You still have Lena. You don’t need Andrei.” There was a silence between them for a few moments, and then Yura broke it. “I quit.” Kuzia’s eyes widened. “WHAT?!” “I’m quitting the band, Kuz. I just can’t be near him. I’m sorry.” Kuzia sat there in shock, and Lena walked in hearing everything. “Yuri Vasilevich!!! You are NOT quitting!” she said, sitting next to him, cuddling him. Kuzia stood up and headed to the door. “Just think it over. I’ll be composing if you need me.” Yura sighed. “Whatever…” Lena decided to lay next to him, and hugged him. He looked at her. “Lenushka…” “Yeah?” “Promise me you’ll never leave me…”

Meanwhile, in the main room, Kuzia called a band meeting. The rest of Laskovyi Mai (Andrei, Sasha, Sergei, Misha, Kostya, Igor, and Slava) walked in. Kuzia looked at them. “Sit, all of you.” he said, pacing back and forth. The boys sat. Misha was worried. “This doesn’t sound good at all…” he said. “It’s not.” said Kuzia, causing the boys to look at him, worried. “Yura quit the band.” Everyone looked at each other in shock. Andrei knew it had something to do with him. “WHAT?!?” Misha yelped, surprised. Sasha and Sergei just looked at each other, bummed out. “You know what, Kuz? I quit too. It’s just… Yura’s like a brother to me. Wherever he goes, I go. I can’t do this without him.” Misha said, walking out of the room. Kuzia was shocked, but deep down he knew this was all temporary.

Back in Yura’s bedroom, he and Lena were still on the bed together, snuggling. “Yurka… I need to tell you something.” Yura looked at her, a bit worried. “What is it, snugglebunny?” She got nervous and started playing with her hair. “Well… remember on your birthday last month when we got back together for the night and we… you know…” Yura giggled. “Of course I remember… what’s up?” “Well… Yurkina… I.. I’m gonna have your baby!!” Yura stared at her, shocked. “Seriously?!? We’re so young though…” “I know, Yurochka. I think we can do this. It’ll be alright!” They cuddled. “You know, Lenushka… I think that splitting with Drunia might have been a good thing..”


They really are too young!!! But they’re handling it better than any 14 yr olds I know of! O_O

{August 29, 2009}   Poem or something…

She sees him from across the street.
He’s alone.
It’s cold.
It’s rainy.
He stares at the ground, tears in his eyes.
She sits next to him, and holds him tight.
He looks at her.
They stare into each others eyes.
Everything will be alright.

Yura was chilling out, outside on a swing with Misha, Sasha, and Sergei. “So boys… did you hear what icky-bitch has been saying?” Yura asked, swinging slowly. “Wait… who’s icky-bitch?” Misha asked, confused. “That girl, Natalia Lebedeva. She’s always hanging around Drunia, and I hate it.” Sasha and Sergei leaned over on their swings curiously. “Well, what has she been saying?” “She’s been telling everyone within a 400 mile radius of Moscow that her and Drunia got married.” The boys’ eyes widened. “EWWW” they all said. “Drunia wouldn’t marry that thing!” “I know!!” Yura said, grossed out. “But I still should ask him of it…” He walked inside, into Andrei’s bedroom, and sat next to him on the bed. “Druniashka… I need to ask you something…” “What’s up, моя ласковый дождик?” “…What’s going on with you and Natalia?” Yura asked, hoping that Andrei would tell him what he wanted to hear. Andrei got nervous. “What?! … Nothing’s going on between us! Nothing at all! We’re just friends.” “Really? That’s not what she’s been saying… She keeps telling everyone that you guys got married…” “Yurka… we didn’t. She’s such a liar..” “Good! I think we have quite the future together!!” he said, kissing Andrei and walking out.

Andrei sat there. He knew he had to tell Yuri the truth sometime, even if it would break his heart. He walked out of his room and decided to go talk to Kuzia, who was in the main room, trying to compose something new. “Kuz… can we talk?” “Sure. What’s up?” “I just had to lie to Yura… he found out that Natalia and I got married. I told him we didn’t. I can’t keep lying to him like this.” “Well, Drunia… you should’ve thought about that before you got involved with him.” “I know… but, how could I not? He’s sweet. I love him!” Kuzia looked at Andrei, unsure of if he should believe him or not. “What about Natalia?” Andrei looked at the floor. “I love her too. I’m so confused… I don’t know what to do.” “You’re totally screwed.”

Meanwhile, outside, Yura was playing soccer with Sasha and Sergei, while Misha watched. Natalia pulled up in her car, got out and walked to the door. Yura decided to confront her. “So, Natashka, how long are you gonna keep lying to everyone?” Natalia looked at him, with a look of pretty much pure disdain. “What are you talking about? I have never lied in my life!!” “You know what I’m talking about! You and Andrunia! You guys aren’t married!!!” “Yes we are, you little rat.” “That is such a shit! Drunia loves me and only me. Together forever. And who are you callin’ a little rat, you overgrown sasquatch?!” “Overgrown sasquatch? You little… ugh!! Well! I hate to burst your bubble, kid. Andrei is mine. We’re very much so married, and we’re gonna have a baby together!” Natalia said, showing Yura her very pretty, expensive wedding rings. “So just back off and play with your toys. OH! And if I ever catch you ANYWHERE near my Andrei, you’re gonna be sorry.” she said, walking inside. Yura stood there in shock. “She’s lying!!” Yura said to the boys. “Right? You boys think she’s lying too, right?” Sasha and Sergei just looked at each other, and Misha just looked at Yura. “Yurka… I don’t really think so.” Sasha said, looking at the ground, sheepishly. “WHAT?! This is all giving me a headache. Let’s go inside.” The boys headed inside, and meanwhile, Natalia went to confront Andrei…

She burst through the door, totally ticked off. “Andrei Aleksandrovich!!!! You have a lot of explaining to do!!” Andrei looked at her, confused. “Oi.. okay. About what?!” “You and that kid!” “You mean Yura? What about him?” “Yeah that’s the little rat. He told me that you told him that you two were gonna be together forever! What the hell is he going on about?!” “Well, I told him that once…” Just then Sasha walked by the room, and decided to stand in the doorway and listen in. Natalia looked at Andrei, curious. “Why?!” she asked. “Because he’s been fucking Yura senseless for the past few months!” said Sasha, deciding to pipe in. Natalia got angry. “WHAT?!?!!?!?” Drunia looked at Sasha. “Thanks, Sashunia.” he said, sarcastically. “Oh you’re welcome!” Sasha said, running off, giggling. Natalia looked at Andrei, her anger becoming more of disbelief than anything. “How could you do this to us?” Andrei turned away from her, not wanting to see how he hurt her. “I don’t know, Tashka… It’s just… Yuri is so perfect, he’s so sweet, so innocent. I’ve been like the only person who’s truly cared.” “Don’t you care about me and our baby?” she asked, about to cry. “Of course I– WHAT?!” “It’s true. We’re having a baby!” They kissed each other, and pretty much started making out when all of a sudden they heard a voice. “Oh my god! Drunia!!! What the hell!!” Andrei looked, and it was Yura, standing there staring at them in shock. “Yura! Sweetheart… it’s not what it looks like!!!” Yura was starting to get mad. “Like hell it is! So, you’ve been lying to me all this time?!” Andrei just looked away, saying nothing. “I feel like such an idiot… Прости меня, Наталия… I really thought he loved me…” Yura said, running off.
I agree with Yuri. Natalia is an overgrown sasquatch! XDDDD

{August 9, 2009}   A drabble for an upcoming fic.

“Every time we talk I have to lie. You keep asking me ‘do you love me?’ and everytime I say no. Only because I’m afraid to tell you the truth… afraid of your reaction, afraid of what everyone will think. I’m sorry.”

{July 27, 2009}  

Hi readers! Once again,  I wanna apologize for the lack of updates. I haven’t been in the mood to write lately. 😦 Sorry! Please keep checking. You’ll never know when I post an update 🙂

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